Math notes (update #6)

Update #6. Changelog: added binomial coefficients, radicals, vector spaces and something about functions of a real variable.


Math notes (update #5)

Here you are update #5. Changelog: added n-tuples, cartesian product, partitions, and something more about binary relations.

Math notes (update #4)

Here you are my new math notes. The main addition is the collection of the most important axioms of Zermelo–Fraenkel set theory, but I also added something about the congruence relation and the exponentiation with an integer exponent.

Math notes (yet another update)

Here you can find the very latest math notes. Changelog: added a section for positional numeral systems; added some properties of logical connectives and operations on sets; added a section for exponentiation (natural exponent only); added something about the relation of divisibility between integer numbers.


Today I tried compressing 8090 MiB of files using LZMA algorithm instead of bzip2, and I obtained 6448 MiB of compressed files instead of 6659 MiB (211 MiB less). Since it seems LZMA is better than bzip2 at reaching the highest compression ratio, I decided to use it whenever space is important and time is not, that is for archiving obsolete things. For my daily backups, instead, I will continue to use gzip, which offers a lower compression ratio but is relatively fast.

Math notes (new update)

New math notes update! Changelog: added the definition of limit for real functions.

Math notes (updated)

I just updated my math notes. I added something about algebraic structures such as semigroups, monoids, groups, rings and fields. Please let me know what you think.